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Gold medal for young artist for his art


CAI Herps is a year 9 student at Ballarat Clarendon College and a passion for art, which has won him recognition and a number of awards.

The latest was a Gold Medal Award’ from the ‘Young Australian Art Awards’ for computer art.

Cai works on some form of creative art almost every day and it is that recognition that drives him. Last year’s piece was particularly important to him as it reflected what a lot people forget or just remember on Anzac day.

Cai’s father served in the navy and it was important to Cai to have men and women, who served our country, remembered. Cai has won some form of medal in the Young Australian Art Awards since grade three, won his section twice, received a certificate and entered a few other art competitions.

He has been featured in various small magazines and newspapers.

Cai said his objectives in life are to work hard and find enjoyment in everything “I always find ways to be happy and fulfilled,” he said.

“I see life as every stepping stone leads towards somewhere and that everything has meaning and value; so treat everything we do as an important part of the journey.

“I want to stay focused, learn and grow from each and every experience I face to maximize my learning and grow to become successful in all my endeavours.” For one so young Cai has achieved a tremendous amount and accumulated a number of skills that will serve him well through life’s journey.

Amongst his accomplishments are designing a business logo for new established business; had his work published in a children’s book; involvement with Legacy including the design of the Ballarat Legacy Christmas card. “One day, I hope to have my own successful business, have happy and loyal staff and spread my knowledge, so others become competent,” Cai added.