After spreading the contest Luke Gunnell takes a mark for Gordon, the Eagles had a great comeback in the second half to beat Waubra

GORDON was merciless in the last quarter, against Waubra, pulling away to a final 24 point victory. At the end of three quarter time Waubra was 3 points ahead, after a two goal lead at half time but couldn’t keep going in the final run. Gordon Coach Corey Grills conceded it was a ‘very good win’, after playing catch-up after half time. “We knew they were a very good side and capable of challenging us fairly well,” Grills said.

“”They made the most of the opportunities and we had just as much ball but I think we may have over used it a bit they used it a lot better than us in the first half and then after that I think we just stuck at it really.”

At half time Grills told his players to stick at the processes, stick to their roles and hang in for as long as they can.

“We stuck at it and eventually it turned our way,” he said.

“We took our chances. There were no big changes, nothing much to change it around, just stuck at what we had to do.”

With Waubra pushing on Gordon’s Waubra forward line, Gordon stuck to following their man and it paid off.

“I don’t like to change our structures too much,” Grills said.

“I like to make it real clear that things will go our way if we stick at it and when it comes our way we have to make the most of our opportunities, which the boys did.

“They have a lot of character and we have come from behind at three quarter time, so we have that belief that we can always be in it if we stick at it and it just happened to go our way, again.”

Grills, who has been out of the side for eight weeks due to injury, made a comeback on Saturday, and said he got through the game ‘very well’. “It’s help to be out on the ground with the boys and be able to give direction out there,” he said. Gordon has done well to finish in second spot with the team changing throughout the year due to injuries.

“Last year we had a very lucky year with no injuries and a set side but this year we have had to adapt to new players,” Grills said. “To lose games has been good for us. We told the boys to learn from it and they will get better. I think we needed to lose to find out a bit more about ourselves.” One thing you can notice is that the Gordon players are fit and lean and seem to be able to run all day. “We had a big pre-season as a group and I think that has helped collectively,” Grills added.

“They are a young group and still developing.” In a match that will test both sides Gordon will line up against Bungaree in the Qualifying Final on Sunday.

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