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Stars Sacha Baron Cohen’s and Mark Strong We’ve come to expect Sacha Baron Cohen’s movies to be bad-taste comedies which are at least vaguely about something. Characters like Ali G, Bruno and Borat all mocked social norms or satirised wonky attitudes and opinions. ‘Grimsby’ is different.

A dim witted English football hooligan (Baron Cohen) reunites with his long-lost brother (Mark Strong), MI6’s deadliest assassin, to prevent an imminent global terrorist attack and to prove that behind every great spy is an embarrassing sibling. It’s a silly, raucous, unashamedly juvenile fish-out-of-water comedy about two very different brothers, Sebastian, a slick spy, and Nobby, a football-loving no hoper, who were separated as kids at an orphanage. ‘Grimsby’ doesn’t pretend to have much to say about anything, instead it rides on low level shock and awe, patched together with all sorts of offensive jokes. If you’re looking for a message, you’ll be even more disappointed.

The film reunites the brothers and quickly sends them on the run dragging the pair through the short, sharp ordeal of a spirited action comedy, all quick cuts and daring stunts, and one that just happens to feature an endearing but relatively limp Sacha Baron Cohen character at its core. Fears that ‘Grimsby’ might poke fun at the likes of Nobby disappear when you realise that he’s just an excuse to catapult a clown into scenarios as far-flung and unlikely as a South African game reserve, a world health organisation conference in London and a football final in Chile. You’re never far from a punch line involving faeces genitals, and bums.. The film is at its best when it wears its immaturity proudly.

There’s no memorable scenes and even a piece on an elephants penis.’ ‘Grimsby’ is a riotous mess, yes it’s funny at others expense and also a part circus, part action flick. Nobby is a basic fool. The movie, too, is chaotic and crude and lacks sophistication. A waste paying your money, If you like Sacha Baron Cohen movies wait till it comes on TV. it won’t be long.

Rated MA15+

2 OUT OF 10