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It’s Out There Somewhere

Ballarat Observatory Manager Judith Bailey is inviting the community to take part in the Guinness World Records next month.

IF you would like to be a part of the Guinness World Records all you have to do is have some fun.

On Friday August 21 the Ballarat Municipal Observatory will be a part of an Australia wide attempt on the current world record of the number of people looking through a telescope at different sites in the one Country, at the same time.

Observatory Manager Judith Bailey said, “Bring along all the family and your friends. On the date there will be a six day old moon, and that will be our object to look at, so that will be very nice, it’s a first quarter moon and its a really nice time to look but there are other things to look at.”

A special telescope is being made for the event a 3cm aluminium tube telescope with a small, desktop tripod, slide focuser, and works for about 30x magnification, which is good

enough to resolve some craters on the Moon. The cost for the evening is $10 and includes the telescope, an official certificate of participation as well as the opportunity to look at other objects. Tea, Coffee and Milo is provided as well. For those with their own telescope the cost is only $5 and includes the certificate and hot drink.

“We would really like to get a good number of people – age is no barrier, all people need to do is look through a telescope at the same time,” Ms Bailey said.

“It’s a very exciting event and the first time we have been involved in the Guinness Record so we want to get quite a few people. “It’s a great opportunity, it’s not going to cost and arm and a leg and you get a nice little telescope, which is good for the moon and just looking at the sky in general.” All the telescopes at the observatory will be in operation on the night, as well. Participants are asked to register prior to the vent as the telescopes and certificates needs to be ordered. Registration, payment and information can be found at: http://observatory.ballarat. net/events/event/guinessbookof-world-recordsstargazing/