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I Am Heath Ledger Documentary


This documentary is a touching look at an undeniable talent. Moving back and forth between archival footage and interviews with some of Ledger’s closest family, friends, and workers, the directors Derik Murray and Adrian Buitenhuis provide us with a look at all the great roles that Ledger took on. When you see Ledger’s father talks about his son’s public exposure and his death, you understand why this withdrew from the Vietnam War, Earth-mapping satellite photos revealed a long-hidden landmass in the South Pacific, known as Skull Island, surrounded by a perpetual storm system. That prompts investigator Bill Randa (John Goodman) to initiate an exploratory expedition. To guide his team of scientists is China’s Tian Jing (Corey Hawkins), Randa also hires black-ops survivalist James Conrad documentary is more about his work and not his private life.

We don’t need to relive the media coverage that happened when Ledger passed. We can spend the time remembering how passionate he was about everything. How talented and creative he was. He really had it all, good looks, a perfect voice for an actor, and very masculine. What ever he did be it acting, directing or photography he always delivered 100% of himself. Even as a father he was as passionate as you can get.

But, as many know, his relationship with Michelle Williams wasn’t to last. Its one part that could have been explored a little more but she refused to participate in the documentary. And although the directors don’t cover the weeks before Ledger’s death they do dispel the myth that playing the Joker had anything to do with his death. On the contrary we learn that the Joker was the most rewarding role that he ever played. Perth, was Ledger’s home, and near the end of film we learn how one of Heath’s best friends, Matt, was directing a music video the day that Ledger died and how the emotions that were experience that day inspired him so much.

Cameo appearances from Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, Ang Lee, and others, do much to show how full of life he was with so much love to share. Although much is missing from this story it’s certain his legacy will go on for many years. Rated M 6 out of 10

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