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I am not certain, exactly, why the Prime Minister has elected to cancel a week of the Parliament sitting,


I am not certain, exactly, why the Prime Minister has elected to cancel a week of the Parliament sitting, but it does seem extraordinary, even with my limited understanding of such protocols.

I wondered, immediately, if they get paid for that week! I could understand the decision if there were a national calamity, or the nation were in mourning, but the flimsy reasoning leaves me somewhat bewildered.

As I understand it there are still 53 pieces of legislation before the house.What about Medicare; NBN – that is an unmitigated disaster; Education? The list goes on.

I realise that Mr. Turnbull has promised the same-sex marriage legislation would be done-and dusted by Christmas, but that does seem rather feeble reasoning.

Even politicians of Liberal persuasion are unsettled by his decision.

Judging by the reaction, it would seem the Liberal party is in disarray, without doubt.

While the citizenship confusion lingers, and it should be resolved as soon as possible, the business of government needs to continue.

It is hard to believe that so many politicians did not bother to check, given we are, unlike European countries, such a mixed race, and citizenship laws vary from nation to nation.

Not to have checked is irresponsible, and those caught-up in the dilemma have no-one but themselves to blame.

To pretend to be unaware of British patriality is a nonsense.

It has been known for years that, if one of your grandparents was British by birth, you had an automatic right to hold a British passport.

The same applies to Italy.

My father was born in Tuscany and, consequently, I hold Italian citizenship, and a passport.

I was rather taken aback by a comment made by Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Defence, following the release of another disastrous poll.

So much so that I sent him an email: Dear Mr. Minister: You said: “There’s no doubt that the last fortnight has been messy from the Government’s point of view because of this issue around dual citizenship. That would have affected people’s thinking around the government,” Mr Pyne told AM.

My email read: That is nonsense – unadulterated nonsense.

The poll reflects the public’s deep-seated and ever-growing disenchantment.

We are back-teeth grindingly fed-up with the antics, and the platitudinous gobbledegook.

It’s little wonder people are turning to Pauline Hanson.

You should spend less time trying to stay in power and more time-and-effort on good governance.

We are sick to death of the horse manure – and that’s spelt with a silent ‘b’ if you take my meaning! Just get on with the job and stop treating us as if we were intellectually concussed! Saluti RR.

As you would imagine, there was no response.

It is a curious thing: if you send a sycophantic email – extolling the virtues – there is, invariably, a response, however perfunctory; but, if you are impertinent enough to send an email which is even vaguely critical of their performance, it is greeted with a thundering silence.

I suspect it is read by an office junior and immediately deemed the ramblings of a mad person; not be be taken seriously, and instantly deleted without hesitation, or any serious regard or consideration.

Politicians are not in office by the Grace of God, but by the will of people.

It seems they only remember that at election time.

Begrudgingly, I have become an admirer of the former Tasmanian Senator, Jacqui Lambie, and I hope, truly, she finds her way back into government.

Last week she was a guest on Q&A, and she spoke truth in a way that all politicians ought.

Responding to a question on how much authenticity was in Australian politics, Ms Lambie said she thought the Government was “falling apart” and it had “no trust, loyalty or honour”; vital and enduring qualities she learned in the military: “There’s a massive gap for that to be filled,” she said.

“I won’t sit here and lie to anyone. I’ll tell you the truth, whether you like it or not.If that brings harm to me, so be it. You start telling lies, you start chasing your tail and that leaves you in an awkward situation. I am not going to put myself in that sort of situation. Politics is difficult, especially as an independent. You are out there by yourself and it gets bloody tough. I don’t have time to chase my tail.” Again, Ms Lambie said the Government was falling apart: “It is shocking up there. It is not pleasant up there,” she said.

Ms Lambie went on to say she has learnt an enormous amount since first she arrived in Canberra.

These days she is less inclined to go like a bull at a gate, or a wrecking ball, but she still speaks her mind.

If only there were more like her – concerned about good governance, and not totally and absolutely preoccupied with staying in power.

The hubris and lack of regard is overwhelming.

We have never been more impotent.

I think some of them believe it is a television reality show.

A local politician, invited to a function, asked me if there would be any media present.

I replied: “Yes, but they will be photographing Lady Potter and Sam Newman. Not you!” They will not listen to the voice of the people.

I marvel that some politicians are so deluded; they believe that we believe their prevarications! The next federal election will be fascinating, as will the by-election for the seat of Bennelong in Sydney.

I am predicting it will go to the former NSW premier, Kristina Keneally, for the Labor party.

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