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Inclusive Playspace


THE Victoria Park Inclusive Playspace had 170,000 visitors in 2017.

In December alone, 21,231 people enjoyed the playspace, which includes an area about 10,000 square metres, accessible play facilities and amenities, such as an Adult Changing Place, seating, tables and raised garden beds.

However, it is not a dedicated playground for people with disabilities but an accessible and inclusive space where the entire community can play, regardless of their ability.

Since opening in 2016, it has become a Ballarat social hub for birthday parties, picnics and other social and community gatherings.

The playspace concept was developed through the City of Ballarat’s Disability Advisory Committee, along with wide-ranging community support.

The playspace won a Local Government Professionals 2017 Award for Excellence in the Community Assets and Infrastructure Initiative category.

Visitor numbers to the site are measured by a gate counter.

City of Ballarat Mayor Samantha McIntosh said, “The Victoria Park Inclusive Playspace is a fun, safe and inclusive place for the whole Ballarat community to enjoy.

“It has become a very important part of Ballarat’s social fabric, where families of all abilities can come together to play, interact and have fun.

“I’m very glad the people of Ballarat, and visitors to our town, are discovering this wonderful Victoria Park gem.”