Section 3 & 4 winners. Cliff McCann, Angela McCann, Elaine Leviston and Ian Leviston (Capt).

ON Wednesday 21st February, The Ballarat and District Croquet Association completed against the Geelong Croquet Association for the Austin and Engleby Cup.

This competition has been played over the past 81 years; Mr. Austin and Mr Engleby were croquet players and friends, when they decided to donate the trophies for some friendly rivalry between the two associations.

Section 1 and 2 play for the Austin Cup whilst sections 3 and 4 play for the Engleby Cup.

Wednesday saw the final day of play, being played at the Ballarat Alexandra Courts.

After the first round at Geelong played in December Section 1 & 2 saw Geelong 4 games 92 hoops, and Ballarat 0 games 37 hoops.

The final score was Geelong 8 games and 174 hoops with Ballarat 0 games 79 hoops.

Geelong won the Austin Cup.

After the first round for section 3 & 4 the Engleby Cup, Geelong was 2 games 35 hoops and Ballarat was 2 games 46 hoops.

The final score was Ballarat 6 games 54 hoops, with Geelong 2 games 63 hoops.

Ballarat won the Engleby cup.