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Join in the Fun and Stay Fit

Jo Love, Graeme Johnstone and Phil Johnson. Photo: Michael Cheshire

“Join in the Fun and Stay Fit”, that is what Lawrie Lees, president, Clunes golf Club, was offering when he opened up the Clunes Golf Course to all comers, to try out to see if golf was their way to exercise, while having a great time.

A number of people took up the offer to play some golf and see just how much fun you could have, meeting new friends and having the challenge of some enjoyable competition.

“It is a relative inexpensive way to get involved and enjoy yourself” Lawrie went on to say.

“Our existing members have a variety of handicaps, but we all have a chance to win a round.

Just hitting a really good shot is so much fun and achievement.” Regular games are played on Sundays and Wednesdays starting at 10.00 am.

The Clunes Golf Club is still offering anyone the opportunity to try out playing on the course, free of charge, if they contact Lawrie Lees on 5345 3034 or Kevin Steart on 0427 680 072 for more information.

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