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Labor Budget Reply: Bill Shorten


Now, more than ever, we must be honest about what our Budget can truly afford. We must maintain the triple-A credit rating that Labor worked so hard to secure.
This is why my team and I are treating the Australian people with respect.
We are making the hard choices to fully-fund our investments in Australia’s future. To turn around these Liberal deficits and deliver Budget repair that is fair. Restoring the national budget – without smashing the family budgets. Building a stronger economy – without hurting the things that help it grow.
You don’t create the jobs of the future by cutting education, cutting infrastructure and making broadband slower.
Three quarters of Australian workers will receive no tax relief from this Budget but will disproportionately suffer from cuts to schools, hospitals, Medicare and family support rely upon.
Labor will never apologise for standing up for Australians who go to work every day and want to come home safe, who rely on penalty rates to make ends meet. Who don’t want to be forced to work until they’re 70.
Now is not the time to reduce the marginal rate for individuals who earn more than $180,000 a year. According to a preliminary estimate from the independent Parliamentary Budget Office this decision from Labor is estimated to improve the Budget by $16 billion over the decade.
Labor will support a tax cut for small businesses with a turnover of less than $2 million dollars per year. Because that’s what a small business is.
Labor will gladly support our own clear and costed policy to close the unsustainably generous superannuation loopholes at the very top end. We welcome the fact that three years after they voted to abolish Labor’s Low Income Superannuation Contribution, the Liberals have decided to keep it and simply rename it.
The Treasurer claims only a small number of superannuation account holders will be affected. That’s untrue. When the system is undermined, everyone is affected, everyone is at risk.
Our plans for securing Australian jobs today and creating jobs tomorrow. Preparing for our transition to a knowledge economy, by investing in education – from early childhood and schools to TAFE and university.
A health system where your Medicare card, not your credit card guarantees you access to the treatment you need.
For real action on climate change – and the new jobs and new industries created by renewable energy.
Putting the great Australian dream of home ownership back in reach of working and middle class families who have been priced out of the market by taxpayer funded subsidised speculators.
And championing the march of women to equality –
– Closing the gender pay gap
– Properly-funding childcare – and not cutting paid parental leave
We must close the justice gap – because it is wrong that we live in a country which is better at sending young Aboriginal men to jail than helping them finish year 12.
We must work to deliver redress for the survivors of institutional child abuse who have shown such incredible courage.
We must eliminate the scourge of family violence from our society – once and for all.
Australia should never accept the false choice between growth and fairness – each is essential to each other. And there is nothing fair about a 15 per cent GST on everything and we remain completely opposed to it. And if Australia doesn’t want a 15 per cent GST, the only way to guarantee that is a Labor Government after July 2.
Labor will turbo-charge Infrastructure Australia with a new $10 billion funding facility. A ‘concrete bank’ to get investment from the private sector, particularly big super funds, flowing into projects.
A Labor Government will invest directly in public transport:
– Brisbane’s Cross River Rail
– The Melbourne Metro

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