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Launch of WARM, A Community Textile Art Project at Ballarat Art Gallery

With artist Lars Stenberg in the background CWA Knitter Betty Loveridge gets the feel of the moment.

SEAM Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of their state-wide community knitting project WARM last Wednesday, held in the function hall at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. At the launch, knitters from the Country Women’s Association were knitting patterns from the WARM project. Knitters created patterns from the WARM pattern book including native flowers, gum trees and leaves, and wind turbines from patterns created by Georgie Nicolson (tikki knits). These knitted pieces will contribute to a large scale image of a landscape regenerated after the closure of a coal mine; that piecehas been designed by local visual artist Lars Stenberg. The problem is we’ve become so dependent on fossil fuels to keep warm, we’ve forgotten how to warm ourselves with wool. WARM explores why the earth is warming and what we can do to make a positive change to a safe climate future. Knitters of all skill levels from around Victoria will contribute to a largescale piece that will be exhibited at the Ballarat Art Gallery in Spring, 2016.

This beautiful and inclusive artwork imagines a future landscape when we no longer rely on coal for fuel and warmth. Knitters can order individual patterns or purchase a pattern book through the SEAM Inc website www.seam.org. au/warm.

WARM knitting workshops, led by Georgie Nicolson, will be held in regional centres including Ballarat, Daylesford, Ararat, Geelong, Sale and Dunkeld. Workshop enquiries should be directed to Verity Higgins on 0429 951 561 or verity@seam.org.au