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Learmonth netball undefeated so far this season

Learmonth wing attack Rachael Cahir slips away and takes a pass

LEARMONTH A Grade netballers can seemingly do no wrong, undefeated yet again, as the season draws to a close. Coach Jordan O’Keefe said while they haven’t lost a game the side played an tidy game on Saturday, by their standards. “We have two players overseas currently so I’ve had to draw on our B Grade players,” he said. “They are due to return in the next couple of weeks – Laura Allan (goal) and Madison Quayle (wing defense) – both overseas until the first weeks of finals.”

Both girls were part of the Central Highlands Interleague team this year but it says a lot for the caliber of players at Learmonth, who are able to step up to fill the shoes. “As far as our game against Dunnstown goes it was good to have a win but by no means was it our best netball, to be quite honest” O’Keefe said. “I know t sounds a bit brutal to win a game by fifteen goals and still be critical but we didn’t play anything like we have been in the past couple of months. “That was a bit disappointing but we will be taking that on board and be ready to fire up in the next couple of weeks.” Dunnstown is no pushover and if there was a time to get beaten it would have been last week. “After having met Springbank and Skipton mid way during the season, Dunnstown has probably been the only game left that we’d earmarked during the season where we would get pushed,” O’Keefe added. “And knowing that we were going to be short of our squad going into the game was something at the back of my mind but it was what it was. “We won but it was just an untidy game. Credit to Dunnstown, they possibly forced us to play untidy. So at training this week we will see if we can overcome a few things and put on a better performance in our last round. “Sitting on top of the ladder ones got high expectations of what we should be doing and we didn’t finish off the game against Dunnstown in fact we lost that last quarter by five goals and we shouldn’t be relinquishing a lead like that.”

This is O’Keefe’s first year as coach at Learmonth) both A and B Grades) and previously he was at Waubra.

“Both grades haven’t lost a game this season, so this is something very special for Learmonth, not only for A Grade but potentially ending the season all three of their senior teams not losing a game,” he said.

“So every club will be out there to hunt Learmonth in the finals but that’s the reality of it, if it wasn’t us it would be someone else.” O’Keefe added that he has found more confidence in his coaching ability as the season has progressed. “I have worked very hard on what I know and improving myself and passing that on to the club and players.”

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