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Lectures are happening all over the world

The Ballaarat Mechanics Institute held a Twilight Talk on New Horizons with guest speaker Saeed Salimpour. Pictured with him is the President of the Ballaarat Mechanics Institute Graeme Gooding.

THE Ballaarat Mechanics Institute arranged a Special Twilight Talk on Sunday the 27th of September in the majestic Minerva Space, as a fundraiser for the Institute.

Some sixty people listened to the presentation by astronomy expert Saeed Salimpour as he spoke about space exploration of Pluto by the NASA mission, “New Horizons”.

This special Twilight Talk was in collaboration with The Ballarat Observatory and included in the cost was a free visit to the obser­vatory.

The audience was enthralled as they saw Pluto on the big screen and learnt about this fascinating dwarf planet so very far away.

New Horizons was launched on Jan. 19, 2006 on a mission to help NASA understand where Pluto and its moons fit in with the other objects in the Solar System.

Images of Pluto’s surface show details previously unseen including a vast rip­pling landscape of peculiar, aligned linear crests.

According to NASA online, the New Horizons mission will help us understand the worlds at the edge of our solar system.

New Horizons will venture deep into the Kuiper Belt, which will tell us more about our solar system planets as they’ve come to be today.