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Making awareness for PNET Sydney to Melbourne

Pictured in front of the Flinders Street Station Clay and his mother Sue after the ride.

PEDAL for PNET is a solo bike ride from Sydney to Melbourne. Former Ballarat resident, Clay Trembath, has just completed the ride in an effort to raise awareness and funds for paediatric brain cancer and the PNET Cancer Foundation. PNET Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors of the Central Nervous System (CNS PNET) are identified as highly aggressive large tumors that are found in the brain and spine. The cancer usually presents in young children and teenagers with the majority of patients being younger children.

Clay said he wanted to do something for the foundation as he has a personal I connection to PNET. “My partner’s brother died of the cancer so her family started up the foundation,” Clay said. The foundation was formed by Kerry Morrison and William Stark after the death of their son Kieran to PNET cancer in 2008. With a support crew of family and friends Clay finished the ride in Melbourne on March 20 having left from the Opera House on March 14.

The ride was probably a little bit easier than I expected in the end,” he said, “The first day turned out to be the toughest, there were a lot of hills and windy country roads and after that it was good. We had good conditions throughout it – nice sunny days – and quite good roads.” Clay averaged around 135 kilometres per day and made his target of completing the ride in a week. It was a fairly easy and uneventful ride, Clay said, “The worst thing was the support car, driven by mum and dad, getting two flat tyres and needing to be towed away.” “The people we met in towns we stopped along the way were really friendly and there were a lot of nice donations from strangers, which was good, everyone was really supportive. “All funds raised are going directly to the foundation.” Clay added that it was a great feeling riding into Melbourne, knowing that he had completed the challenge. “I was relieved to be finished and had a good reception at the end of the ride,” he said.

Clay had set a target of $5000 to raise and to date he has raised in excess of $10,000.

If you would like to make a donation go to: https:// give.everydayhero.com/au/ pedal-for-pnet.