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THE importance of English is being made abundantly clear at the moment,

with daily discussions about Section 18c in the Racial Discrimination Act we are almost being harassed by it! What about the importance of English Grammar? English what? In the 60s grammar ceased to be taught, and David Crystal thinks we are much the worse off because of this decision.

When I went to school, admittedly a long time ago, grammar was part of every English lesson. It did not appeal to all students, but it did to me, so I approached this latest book by Professor Crystal knowing there was pleasure to come. The sub-title “the glamorous story of English Grammar”, was enough to intrigue. Glamorous? Surely not. In the clever hands of David Crystal it soon becomes apparent that there is much interest to be had in following his arguments. The table of contents is fascinating in itself. How about? ……”talking about mouses”, “story time”, “up with which we will not put”, “a sense of style”, “into living memory (almost)” or “grammar on line”.? Fascinating enough? The more you begin to understand what David Crystal is explaining, the more sense it makes. There is no longer any need to be worried about your use of our complex, and utterly beautiful, language. This Honorary Professor of Linguistics at the University of Wales knows his subject, and what’s more he loves it, and is passionate about spreading this love to a wider audience. His many previous books prove this beyond any shadow of doubt. Here he succeeds again. The glamour of making sense of grammar shines through. Here’s hoping you agree. MAKING SENSE by DAVID CRYSTAL

PUBLISHED by PROFILE BOOKS for a recommended $29.99

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