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Mayor’s message 22 Feb 2018


Gone are the days where developers and designers create public space purely on visual aesthetics.

Today, their design encompasses so much more.

Something we now consider highly important in this design process is community safety.

We, as a Council, are committed to changing perceptions of safety in public spaces by addressing concerns raised by the community – particularly women who have told us they consider public spaces unsafe for them.

One way we’re doing this is through the Right to the Night Pilot Project which has been designed to provide women with an opportunity to be more involved in the development phases of public spaces, helping inform improved decision making around the design of public spaces within the CBD.

This Pilot Project is an opportunity to identify exactly what is perceived as a safe, or unsafe space, by women who use the city’s public spaces.

Ballarat’s female population should not have to change their own behaviour to remain safe, and the City of Ballarat acknowledges this. We are committed to listening to the voices of local women and ensuring a safer Ballarat.

So I encourage you to walk with us to help create safer and more inclusive public spaces for women in the city’s CBD.

You can do this by taking part in one of upcoming guided walks between March and May, where your feedback will help guide future decision making around public space safety and design in Ballarat’s CBD.

For more information, or to register your interest to be a part of this exciting new project call: (03) 5320 5804.

You also have the chance now to tell us why you feel safe or unsafe in current public spaces by visiting: righttothenight.com.au

Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh