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Mayor’s Message – City of Ballarat 5th April 2018


I think it’s fair to say the women of Ballarat are passionate about making their city safer for their friends, sisters, mothers and daughters.

And I wholeheartedly understand why – it’s important our residents feel comfortable when they venture into the CBD, whether that be during the day or night.

We are just as committed to creating safer and more inclusive spaces for you.

That’s why we have invested time into the Right to the Night Pilot Project, a program which has been designed to provide women with an opportunity to be more involved in the development phases of public spaces, helping inform improved decision making around the design of public spaces within the CBD.

Public consultation began in February and will continue through to May, and we’re hopeful the data collected during this extensive consultation period will help us identify ways to improve the public spaces that make women feel unsafe.

So far more than 30 women have contributed to our research by using their mobile phone to pinpoint 80 locations in the Ballarat CBD that make them feel safe or unsafe.

They have told us how well-lit areas increase their sense of feeling safe, while lack of security and dark pathways do not.

Ideally we would like to see 250 pins dropped by the end of May.

So I encourage you to visit righttothenight.com.au and tell us why you feel safe and unsafe in public spaces.

Your feedback is vital in ensuring we can properly inform designers and developers responsible for strategic investment in community public infrastructure and public realm assets.

We cannot make our city a better place to live without your feedback.

During April, you will also have an opportunity to speak with City of Ballarat Offi cers about the pilot project at the Ballarat Aquatic and Lifestyle Centre, the Bridge Mall Farmers Market, Ballarat Railway Station and during the numerous guided walks on offer.

Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh