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Melbourne, Regional Victoria Is Ready When You Are

We love Ballarat and Victoria: Chrissy Cope explained her situation in Newcastle NSW to Jaala Pulford Minister for Regional Development, Tim Pallas Treasurer of Victoria and Sharon Knight Member for Wendouree.

THE Andrews Labor Government has launched a new campaign to attract people to regional Victoria with significant new support for first home buyers. Treasurer Tim Pallas joined Minister for Regional Development Jaala Pulford in Ballarat on Friday to launch the “Ready when you are” campaign, to attract people to regional Victoria. The campaign features people from around the state who relocated to regional Victoria, sharing their stories about what encouraged them to make the move. Research shows the key attractors to relocation are affordable housing, education, health and lifestyle – with key drivers being family, social connections and employment. That’s why the Labor Government is making record investments in schools, hospitals, and transport, giving locals the services they need, and better connect regional communities to jobs, opportunities and each other. The Government is also making it easier for people to buy their first home by doubling the First Home Owner Grant to $20,000 in regional Victoria. The measure will help around 6,000 first home buyers and boost jobs and development in regional Victoria. Stamp duty for first home buyers will also be abolished all homes valued up to $600,000, and will be reduced on homes up to $750,000 – saving first home buyers across the State around $850 million over four years. Given the median house price in regional Victoria is under $600,000, this will make a real difference for young Victorians. These measures will come into force tomorrow, along with a 25 per cent cut to payroll tax. It is expected up to 4000 regional businesses will be eligible for the exemption, with more than 1000 of those enjoying the lowest payroll tax rate in the country.

This is a shot in the arm for businesses looking to expand their operations, and another boost for regional jobs, which have already grown by more than 55,000 since the Labor Government took office in 2014. The farming community has not missed out either, with the removal of insur ance duty on agricultural products, making it cheaper for farmers to insure against crop, livestock and equipment damage.

“A huge investment in improvements to housing affordability and backing local business will help our local communities continue to grow and prosper – and will continue to attract people to regional Victoria,” Mr Pallas said.

“The Andrews Labor Government wants every Victorian to benefit from the strong and vibrant economy we’ve worked so hard to build, creating jobs and opportunities right across our great state.” Minister for Regional Development Jaala Pulford added, “It’s got lifestyle, it’s got community and it’s affordable.

Regional Victoria is ready when you are.” “We’re making it easier for regional businesses to create jobs by cutting payroll tax by 25 percent – giving some businesses the lowest rate in the country and giving everyone the chance to buy their first home.” Chrissy Cope relocated to Ballarat with her husband and daughter in January from Newcastle, New South Wales.

“I absolutely love Ballarat, its beautiful, people are lovely and I love the historic part of town,” she said. “It only took a month for my husband to find work and I’ve just been accepted for a job – I have been working in Melbourne but it’s good to finally get work here.”

Chrissy said the family was looking to build their home in the next couple of years. “The prices in Newcastle were just going up and affordability just wasn’t there and this has been an excellent move for us,” she said. “In Newcastle a home of our own was not something we never thought about. “We were on a single income and I was paying more than half my wage in rent, so we weren’t getting anywhere.

“We came to visit my in-laws over Christmas and they sat me down and said right this is silly what you are doing, working too hard, not getting anywhere, we’ll help you out for as long as it takes to get on your feet, you just need to move here.”