If it’s possible to be seduced by a cook-book, then, in my case, seduction has taken place! I am, at best, an indifferent cook, so this is an unexpected result of delving into this handsome volume. To begin with, the photographs are mouth-wateringly wonderful. They are the work of Alan Benson, and he is to be congratulated upon the results, whether the subjects are the women themselves, or the food they have prepared. That comment leads on to that authorship attributed to The Sisterhood. What can this mean? The book is the combined effort of six remarkably fine Jewish women, who happen to be superb cooks, and who want to share their knowledge across the widest spectrum possible. They meet each Monday morning, bringing with them recipes they have garnered from friends and relatives, and then they proceed to cook them, picking up joy in their accomplishment on that particular Monday morning. Before using them in a book such as this, they prove each one twice over, making sure that all is correct.

Each selected recipe is accompanied by a story, pertaining to that special recipe or that special cook who has supplied it. Some of them appear rather complicated, while others are comparatively simple. One good example of this is the easiest method of making lamingtons. By the way that photograph has this perfectly delicious Australian cake looking good enough to eat straight from the page!

According to the other five, Lisa Goldberg is their driving force, sometimes to the point of being “bossy” of this unique cooking club. If this is so, judging from this fine, seductive result, long may she reign, and long may these six women wish their readers “happy cooking, happy eating and happy sharing.”


COOKING CLUB by The Sisterhood

PUBLISHED by HARPER COLLINS for a recommended $39.99

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