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More than 70 cats looking for a new home and more each year

Picking up her new cat is Hannah Muirhead with Kitten not yet named and in the background is Cr Samantha McIntosh having trouble with a kitten and watching is Clare Douglas-Haynes acting Ballarat Shelter Manager.

THE City of Ballarat’s Animal Shelter is nearing capacity with more than 150 cats and kittens in its care, 70 of which are looking for their new home.

The Ballarat Animal Shelter has been inundated with litters of kittens and stray cats as a result of kitten season, which began in September and will continue through to March.

Ballarat residents interested in adopting a cat are invited to contact the Animal Shelter to find out how, and to meet the numerous kittens and cats seeking new homes.

Ballarat Animal Shelter staff will be on-hand to take potential adoptees through the process of adopting a cat, with the facility also open seven days a week for residents to visit and search for their missing pets.

Each adopted cat will be de-sexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated, and registered for a year within the Ballarat Municipality.

The cost to adopt a kitten is $180, a female cat is $150 and male $100. All cats over the age of seven years are free.

Until each cat is re-homed, the Animal Shelter will continue to foster the animals to increase their human interaction as part of the foster care program.

When the City of Ballarat assumed management of the facility in September 2017, it introduced the foster care program to enable animals to be housed with foster carers for a period of time.

The City of Ballarat encourages responsible pet ownership by de-sexing cats to reduce the number of kittens being surrendered to the shelter during the breeding season.

Pet owners who de-sex their cats will receive a discount when registering their cat with the City of Ballarat.

Acting shelter manager Claire Douglas-Haynes said the shelter was extremely ‘packed’ with around 200 cats in the facility but not as many dogs.

“The dogs seem to get adopted really quickly, which is great, but we are sitting in the middle of cat breeding season,” she said.

“We really want responsible pet owners and we really encourage people to have their cats desexed.

“Last year we offered a desexing initiative which reduced the fee to $50 for a cat, which is phenomenal, and we are hoping to do that again very soon – February and then again in March.” For more information about adopting a cat, residents are urged to contact the Ballarat Animal Shelter on (03) 5334 2075.