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National Tree Day

Planet Ark’s National Tree Day was celebrated by children such as 3 year old Coco Holcombe, as well as adults, all over Australia last Sunday July 24.

Communities dig in for 20th year of Planet Ark’s National Tree Day THIS year Planet Ark is celebrating 20 years of planting trees with Australians to take part in the celebration by digging in at National Tree Day on Sunday 26th July and Schools Tree Day on Friday 24th July. WITH OP Shop Week just around the corner the E.C. OP SHOP at 449 Doveton St North (oppoNational Tree Day is Australia’s largest treeplanting and nature care event. Each year over 300,000 people take part in National Tree Day events at 3,000 sites organised by councils, schools, businesses, communities and Toyota Dealers across the country. Since Planet Ark launched National Tree Day in 1996, more than 3.5 million particsite ipants have planted over 21 million native trees, shrubs and grasses.

“We are thrilled to celebrate this 20-year milestone with Australia – especially those who have been involved year after year since the campaign’s inception,” says Debbie Agnew, National Tree Day Manager. “The fact that we’re able to continue growing our community and increase participation every year is testament to those who get involved, as it means more and more people understand just how valuable preserving our natural environment is.”

This year the National Tree Day theme, “You Can Grow So Much”, focuses on the wealth of opportunities engaging with nature brings to individuals, communities and the environment. Findings of independent research* commissioned by Planet Ark over the last five years has found that contact with nature provides a range of happiness, health and well being benefits, but our outdoor time is being eroded by increased screen time, longer working hours and shrinking backyards. “Our research shows that you can grow happier by getting outside and connecting with nature, as outlined in our new report Needing Trees – The Nature of Happiness,” says National Tree Day Manager Debbie Agnew. “Nature has the ability to influence happiness because it has direct and positive effects on the brain, so getting involved in National Tree Day is a free and easy way to boost these good feelings.” As well as planting trees and grasses at new sites, participants can green their communities by planting vegetable and bush tucker gardens and visiting former National Tree Day sites to undertake weeding and maintenance. Individuals are also able to organise personal activities at home with family and friends in backyards, on balconies, or even along neighbourhood nature strips or streets (council permitting).