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Neville Hiatt ‘Born to be me’


BALLARAT’S Neville Hiatt best describes himself as a storyteller, whether that be through writing or the lens of a camera.

Prior to becoming a scribe Neville had a job working in radio, which he loved. He also loved his motor bike but an accident while out riding radically changed his life.

Medically retired before his 30th birthday, battling depression, anxiety and chronic nerve pain as a result of the accident Neville has become even more passionate about sharing his life experiences and imagination in the hope of inspiring others in their journey. Now his journey has taken him to his first solo exhibition in Melbourne ‘Born to be me’.

Below is the opening line from my memoir of the same name that was recently published in an anthology of memoirs.

‘8th July 2008 5:45 PM and my leather encased body is sliding down the highway crossing lanes as I slide over the bitumen wondering when a car will run over the top of me.’

Neville said he felt it fitting to use the same title from his memoir for his first solo photographic exhibition in Melbourne.

“After my life as I knew it was so radically changed it has taken a lot of effort to create a new sense of identity,” he said.

“I’ve been exhibiting in Ballarat for the last couple of years and now I’m really looking forward to sharing the story behind my photos with a whole new audience in Melbourne.” May will also see the launch of the Spanish translation of his last book ‘Some Shorter than Others’, two other language translations are still being worked on, and prints of the Illustrations are currently on display at The Grapes Hotel, Grant Street. “Then my focus will shift to my first time exhibiting at the Ballarat International Foto Biennale,” Neville said. He has done all this while living with the constant fatigue of being in 24/7 pain and barely able to sit. “What has meant the most to me over the last few years, though, is the inspiration I have unwittingly been to others,” Neville said. “I never set out to encourage others to create or share part of their story, I was too occupied trying to survive my own life, but I am now humbled every time someone shares one of their memories with me.” ‘Born to be me’ will be on exhibition from 7th May 2015 – 25th June 2015 at the Skin Gallery Melbourne.