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Operation Safe Plate Ballarat

Members of Neighbourhood Watch with LSC Donna Parsons promoting Operation safe Plate Ballarat, which will take place this Saturday and the 18th November 2017.

DON’T think it will never happen to me! Come along to the Masonic Centre on Barkly Street on Saturday 11th and 18th of November, 9am – 12 noon, and get your number plates secured with one-way security screws.

The inconvenience of having your number plates stolen is not only annoying it is also costly.

By simply attending one of the Neighbourhood Watch Operation Safe Plate Days, you can have your number plates secured for no more than a gold coin donation and have complete peace of mind.

Stolen number plates are used in fuel thefts and other crimes, with police concerned the offence is on the rise in Ballarat. In some areas, more than 50 per cent of drive away fuel thefts occur with stolen or fake plates.

Don’t become a crime sta- tistic…secure your number- plates with one-way security screws.

Leading Senior Constable Donna Parsons said Operation Safe Plate is a partnership between Neighbourhood Watch Volunteers and Victoria Police.

“It’s all about getting people to have these one-way screws put onto their vehicles, because we know that opportunistic thefts are out there and stolen number plates are things that offenders are using for petrol thefts and other crimes,” she said.

The safety plate’s initiative has been running in Ballarat for 8 years with thousands of plates secured with the one-way screws.

“We have a band of enthusiastic volunteers – Neighbourhood Watch, SES and CFA,” LSC Parsons said.

“The past Operation Safe Plate Days have been really successful; people are obviously getting on board with it so this is just a great opportunity for those who don’t have their plates done to come along – no bookings required just roll up.

“In Ballarat we are finding that stolen number plates are being used mainly for petrol drive offs and for committing other crimes and that’s what we are trying to reduce, so these one-way screws mean they can’t get the number plates off.”