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Part of Cleanup Australia Day

Good turnout to clean up Yarrowee Creek: Holding the sign is Jane Bevelander with youngsters Noah and Sam.

SUNDAY was clean up Australia Day and Ballarat was involved.

Jane Bevelander from the Leigh Catchment Group led the charge to clean up parts of the Yarrowee Creek. She said the group was involved in projects throughout the year including planting days, more clean up days and more talks.

“Today we are taking part in Clean up Australia Day and we are just one of hundreds of sites across Australia,” she said.

“We had a pretty good turnout, about 15 people cleaning up today and for a hot morning that’s pretty good.” Ms Bevelander encouraged anyone who was passionate about the land, water, local fauna and flora to get involved not only on Clean up Australia days but at other times, as well. “This is a really a nice part of town and a lot of people use it for walk and walking their dogs and it’s good to keep it clean,” she added. “Days like this are also good community events where you can meet other people, have a chat and a cup of tea. “We are also trying to form a Friends of the Yarrowee River Group, so if anyone is interested in that, they should contact the Leigh Catchment Group.” Since the national event started in 1990 Australians have donated more than 31.5 million hours towards caring for the environment through Clean Up Australia activities, removing the equivalent of 331 and a half thousand ute loads of rubbish from nearly 166 thousand registered sites across the country.