Ingenuity by a Snake Valley man Jeremy Humber: students Charlotte and Sam from the Pleasant Street Primary School rearing to go on the pedal power racing circuit in the school holidays.

Pedal powered cars, circus classes and cooking help fill the holidays.

IF you’re racking your brains for ways to keep the kids gainfully occupied these holidays, look no further than the YMCA. Ballarat YMCA has loads of fun and engaging activities on offer for primary aged kids this Easter. Delivered from five venues across Ballarat as well as the Ballarat & Lifestyle Centre, YMCA offers cost effective holiday options for families.

With a commitment to family friendly facilities and programs, families will be able to find something to keep everyone in the family happy – and that includes busy mums and dads! “We understand the challenge of juggling life around school and work commitments and try to deliver a service that makes things a little easier for working families. It is also something that the kids really love to do” said Ballarat YMCA Chief Executive Colin Hunt “Our qualified and experienced staff are all geared up to keep children happily engaged as they meet and make new friends, join in with a range of cool activities in a fun, friendly, and empowering environment. “Our two programs (Ballarat Aquatic & Lifestyle Centre and YMCA programs) are jam packed with a range of activities including a visit from the Roo Keepers, Super Science, gymnastic, circus and cooking sessions and of course an Easter egg hunt” said Mr Hunt.

School holiday activities will be held at the Pleasant Street primary School, Alfredton Primary School, Delacombe Doug Dean Reserve, Black Hill Primary School and the Ballarat Specialist School. Jeremy Humber from Race You Pedal Cars was one of the attractions that gave students at Pleasant Street a little glimpse of what would be available at the YMCA school holiday program. The pedal powered slot cars was something Mr Humber put together in his spare time and is made from recycled materials.

I was playing with generators, making windmills, and it just evolved from that basically,” he said “It’s been around for a year and a half basically and just built up by word of mouth.

You don’t need any outside power source, so long as someone is pedaling and it’s all made of recycled materials –the aluminum walls are from an old fish and chip shop, there are bits of bicycle parts and an old caravan chassis; I slowly built it in my spare time, and I’m very pleased with it.”