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THESE are the cartoons which Russ Radcliffe considers have been the best in Australia in the last year. It is of course a subjective selection, but it is certainly a fine collection.

It is often true that a cartoon in a newspaper sums up everything of note which is happening at home or abroad, at that time. Much like a headline sometimes does. But on looking through them (and laughing at most of them), this reviewer wondered what these clever cartoonists would have done without Donald Trump. He really is a gift to any cartoonist worth his salt.

And the men and women represented in this latest volume are certainly worth that! Trump’s stray forelock, and his erratic utterances are there for the drawing, and our Australian artists are up to the task, every time.

Just look at some of the names, whose work is reproduced time and time again – Bill Leek, Ron Tandberg, Cathy Wilcox and Andrew Dyson, to name just a very few.

Their smart comments have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, The Australian, The Herald Sun, The Mercury, The Courier Mail, The Canberra Times and The Saturday Paper – again naming only a few. My favourite? Impossible to say – loved ninety nine out of a hundred of them, although I would have liked to see our Ditchy from Ballarat in there somewhere. Maybe next year? A fine gift for anyone who enjoys the sending up of politicians – isn’t that everyone?

POLITICAL CARTOONS, 2017 edited by Russ Radcliffe PUBLISHED by SCRIBE for a recommended $29.99

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