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Preliminary Draft Victoria Park Master Plan

Keep your eye on the ball: Stakeholders in Victoria Park meet the Mayor. Tim Canny Ballarat Sebastopol Cycle Club, Lucas Ellis Vic Park Soccer, Cr John Philips Mayor of Ballarat, John Kilgour CEO Committee for Ballarat and Norm Baker Vic Park Dog Obedience Club.

THE Ballarat community is urged to have its say on the future planning and development of Victoria Park with the Preliminary Draft Victoria Park Master Plan available for public comment until Monday 14 September, 2015. The City of Ballarat has extensively consulted the community to develop the Master Plan. Recommendations in the preliminary draft include: Landscape and Vegetation; Event Infrastructure and Social Amenity; Facility Development; Organised Sports and Clubs; Traffic and Vehicle Management; Access, Circulation and Connections; Public Appreciation and Signage; Hydrology and Lake Improvements. City of Ballarat Mayor Cr John Philips said Victoria Park is a key part of the city and this is a great opportunity for people to get involved and have some comment.

“Some of features in the Master Plan are upgrades to ovals, the road network within, the grassland, trees and walking tracks – all the things are clear parts of what makes Vic Park special,” Cr Philips said. “There are things that we have been told that we are short of – lighting, water points etc – so a great opportunity to make this a premier part of Ballarat.” The Mayor added that the upgrades would bring the life to park and ensure its utilization for years to come.

“I think all the clubs (that use the park) will benefit – the oval users, dog obedience, the cycling people and just general use of the whole park,” he said. “It’s a park for everyone.” Discussions around the relocation of the show grounds to Victoria Park are ongoing and are in the Master Plan. “It’s positioning is potentially in the south west corner,” Cr Philips said. “There are a lot of native grasses in the park, as well, and some years people get a bit surprised when the way to manage those is to burn them occasionally but we want to make sure those grasslands are looked after properly and they are part of that eco system that makes the park so special. “This is a preliminary plan and there will be a build up to a Draft Master Plan, have more conversation with the community, and we encourage people to get involved.”

Victoria Park Soccer Club President Lukas Ellis said his club was very excited to have the master Plan up for comment.

“We are in the middle of a growth period and in 2015 we have grown from 180 members to 280 members and players and that looks set to continue for the next couple of years so we are looking forward to it,” he said.

“We have been in the current situation for 15+ years and are really excited about new facilities. “The women’s game has really taken off, as well, and at the moment we don’t really have facilities to cater for them.

“This is such a beautiful spot and we should take advantage of i. We can’t wait until the first sod turns over and they start work on it, to be honest.” For more information, to download the plan and to have your say go to: http://mysay.ballarat.vic.gov.au/victoria-park-master-plan The Master Plan and survey are also available in hard copy at Council’s Customer Service Centre and Ballarat libraries.