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Public Transport Victoria at Stockland

Julie Moyle and Trevor Major from PTV show Geoff Howard Member for Buninyong a map of the bus routes.

FOR almost two weeks Public Transport Victoria (PTV) staff has been at Stockland Wendouree, gathering feedback and assisting residents with the new bus routes. PTV staff member Trevor Major said staff had a really great response with 700800 people visiting the stall. “We have had a range of feedback, the whole gamut,” he said. “We had customer complaints and feedback forms that people could fill in, which gives them a direct avenue to PTV and it’s the best process that we have to ensure that people get a response.”

Staff received both negative and positive feedback and it was an opportunity for public transport users to pick up timetables and network maps, ask questions and have the new PTV Journey Planner explained to them.

“There have been some really great stories around the – there was a woman from an organisation who has for a long time had a conundrum where she has 35 people three times a week that she needs to transport from Invermay to Norman Street IGA and with the rerouting of Route 10 she is now able to do that with relative ease, hearing that was great,” Mr Major said. “We know it impacts other people in negative ways and we have taken all feedback and it’s of course public transport so it’s a needs based thing.” Geoff Howard Member for Buninyong said essentially the PTV staff were providing information about the bus routes, just so people can get more confident if they are not used to using the bus.

“At the same time I’ve been meeting with the Minister to get feedback on how the changed bus route has been working and they advise me that there is something like a 11% increase on the patronage of since the change to the new time table and they are using that information that they compile over the year to determine whether there should be some tweaks in the time table,” Mr Howard said.

“At the start of next year we may make some adjustments and certainly feedback I’ve been getting and the PTV staff have been getting from people expressing frustrations with little quirks in the route or some people haven’t liked the change and you hear more from those than the ones who have really benefited by bus routes going closer to their homes. There has been one major adjustment in the route going up Doveton Street North already, and along Norman Street, to bring people to Stockland Wendouree but there won’t be any major changes to the bus routes, it may be that we change the regularity of some of the bus routes and tweak some of the turns that the buses take along one street as opposed to another that might be more convenient.”