Home News Richard Riordan Campaigning for Polwarth with an Ice Action Plan

Richard Riordan Campaigning for Polwarth with an Ice Action Plan

Richard Riordan talking to GPS residents with leader of the opposition Matthew Guy MP.

LIBERAL candidate for Polwarth Richard Riordan last week launched his Polwarth Ice Action Plan to address the use of the dangerous drug across towns in the electorate. Mr Riordan said if elected he will work closely with community leaders to establish an Ice Community Action Taskforce to educate and support the community in helping Ice addicts and their families. He envisages the Taskforce will be made up of members of the local business community, police, secondary school principals, local health workers, the Aboriginal community, jobs services, sports groups as well as recreation and youth bodies. “The Polwarth Ice Action Plan is about empowering our communities to bring the Ice epidemic under control,” Mr Riordan said. “A range of strategies to help treat Ice addicts will be introduced, along with supporting police and our frontline workers in their efforts to crack down on the use and supply of Ice.” “This is also about encouraging teenagers to stay at school, create job opportunities for them and arrest the cycle of disadvantage,” Mr Riordan said. The Polwarth community must work together to win the fight against Ice. Mr Riordan’s Ice Action Plan includes: Establish an Ice Community Action Taskforce Within 50 days of the election, establish an Ice Community Action Taskforce with local business leaders, jobs services, Victoria Police, secondary school principals, Aboriginal community leaders, local health networks, local government representatives, sporting groups, recreation and youth bodies. This taskforce will develop and implement community responses to Ice abuse ; Control the supply work to foster strict enforcement within local nightclubs and other areas that are known to be where trafficking takes place through a Memorandum of Understanding with these venues. ‘We will work with outlets that sell precursor substances to enter into a voluntary agreement to monitor sales of those substances’; Tackling Ice information pack immediately send out to families that have a child between 16-25, and then to all residents, an Ice information pack detailing where and how to get help and support, as well as information on the drug and its horrific effects; Effective policing fight for an increase to the resources and staffing levels of local police who are dedicated to fighting Ice and organised crime, including detection of drug laboratories, as well as speaking with young people in secondary schools and sporting clubs about drug use; Annual jobs festival work with local jobs services and business leaders to launch an annual jobs festival for secondary school-age students to hear about opportunities and training courses, and to get children to stay in school and develop job skills through local TAFEs and universities; Train and support the frontline work with frontline health care, education and counselling professionals to ensure they have access to training to handle people under the influence of Ice, and ensure they can do their work safely at hospitals; Increase support fight for funding to increase the number of local treatment and rehabilitation beds available, and expand aftercare support to ensure that those who get off Ice, stay off Ice; Target the support develop plans for those most at risk, such as the children of addicts, those affected by domestic violence related to drug abuse, and Aboriginal communities. “I believe that effective responses to Ice must also address some of its underlying causes, such as the economic, social and health dimensions. Ice abuse is compounded by joblessness, crime and mental health problems, which can make successful treatment more difficult. Successful support for addicts and their families requires knowing what works, and how best to help addicts get clean and stay clean,” Mr Riordan said. “Protecting children from the scourge of Ice, and more effectively arresting supply and distribution of the drug and its precursor substances are key points of this plan. As a community we must work together to tackle this menace.”