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Ride for headspace


MEMBERS of the Freemasons Cycling Club (Vic) rode from Wodonga to Ballarat last week to raise awareness of, and funds to support the work of headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation and promote Freemasonry in the communities they passed through. Taking part in the ride was Malcolm and we spoke with him not long after they had finished the 460km journey. “We left Wodonga On Tuesday morning and now it is Friday afternoon and here we are in Ballarat,” he said.

“It has taken us four days and we learnt some things about ourselves, we found our own headspace on the bikes and supported each other.”

Malcolm said the most memorable part for him was the camaraderie on the road, the support, “which is what a lot of what our Freemasonry is all about, supporting and building friendships and looking after each other and I think we showed that on the bikes.,” Malcolm added. “We have been riding in organised charity events for four or five years now but this is the first time we have decided to ride for a charity or organisation of our choice and we chose headspace because when we first started a couple of us acknowledged we had issues within our own family groups with mental illness and as it turned out everybody in the group has, and some of the riders who are not here with us, have same issues, so this was just a really god choice. “So what Freemasonry does, headspace does for these young people, and we have learnt a lot about what they do and we’ve been really pleased with the result.”