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Starring Matilda Lutz and Alex Roe

A college professor (Johnny Galeicki) discovers an old videotape, which he believes will prove the existence of the afterlife. However, the video is the cursed images of Samara a demon which kills people seven days after seeing the video. Where to start with Rings? From the outset, it’s made abundantly clear that this film is a dud. The film opens on an airplane and sees the longhaired Samara wait for it emerging from a pilot’s radar screen. As well as this, the ubiquitous video appears on all those in-seat screens as well. While this is meant to thrill and shock the audiences, the whole thing just smacks of a lazy film executive thinking up the idea in the middle of the flight. The film then shifts gear as two college students unwittingly stumble into slightly off-kilter professor Johnny Galecki’s plot to try and use the infamous video as a means of defining the afterlife. Before long, the two college students who both look like they’re in their early thirties are investigating the origins of the video and bothering rural villages and cemeteries, making incredible leaps of deduction along the way and serving to dull the viewer into submission. Rings is very much the product of various ideas and at no point in any of the story does it even attempt to make a bit of sense or even try to do something different. There is no sense of atmosphere or any kind of tangible fear, relying instead on noisy horror tropes to provide shocks to the audience. F. Javier Guiterrez’s direction is lazy, and there are a few situations pulled from recent films, It Follows and Don’t Breathe. The cast is largely made up of bland performances with nothing in the way of depth. The two lead actors, Alex Roe and Matilda Lutz, have absolutely no chemistry whatsoever which aids in making the film even worse. I am surprised this movie gets a theatrical release as it doesn’t deserve it.

Rated MA15plus 1 out of 10

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