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Rippon Lea Renaissance

Helga Margaret Hill OAM Slatery Struck Bells Rippon Lea Renaissance and Banquet Dancers

THIS Sunday the Art Gallery of Ballarat will be holding a concert of 13/14th century music and dance on.

‘Music for the Angels’ will host a number of unusual instruments.

Struck bells, mounted on a wooden rack, and psalteries are among the instruments frequently found in medieval art works depicting groups of angels making music in honour of the Almighty.

The psaltery, with plucked strings mounted across a wooden body, is one of the oldest of instruments and dates back to biblical times. Handbells, Arabian and Saracen lutes, the hurdy gurdy and rare outdoor reed instruments will also be heard at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on Sunday, May 15, when ‘The Woman’s Song’ is presented by the Rippon Lea Dancers, Early Music Consort of Melbourne and soprano Erika Tandiono. Admission to the one-hour program, which commences at 2.15 pm., is $20, $40 for families. The Gallery is at 40 Lydiard Street North.

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