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Roller Derby at Delacombe Community Centre

Libertine Speedee Ten, small but takes out Scarlett Vendetta big guy, Fast Chief, and makes her run to score.

Ballarat Roller Derby League Libertines defeat Vendettas to stay on top

THE Libertines beat the Scarlet Vendettas 221 to 173 on Sunday to retain the top spot on the Ballarat Roller Derby League ladder. Reigning champions the Libertines were under-powered this week as injuries left them with only nine skaters to the Scarlet Vendettas’ eleven. The Vendettas, Ballarat’s newest roller derby team, took the lead in the first jam and stayed ahead for most of the first half. The Libertines briefly took the lead twelve minutes into the game with a 17-point jam, only for the Vendettas to level the score two jams later and then take the lead again.

10 on the left for Scarlet Vendetta is getting ready for the whip to send her around the Libertines blockers in front.
10 on the left for Scarlet Vendetta is getting ready for the whip to send her around the Libertines blockers in front.

The Vendettas remained in front until the end of the first half. A penalty to the Vendettas’ jammer created a long, high scoring jam gave the Libertines 31 points to take a 20-point lead going into half time. The second half of the game saw some scrappy play as fatigue began to set in. The Vendettas switched through six or seven different skaters in the high-energy jammer position, the Libertines stuck with a core three jammers, putting many of their blockers on in back to back jams. Penalties to Vendettas jammers early in the half gave the Libertines key power jams, allowing them to rapidly stretch their lead from a 20 point margin to 70 points. Each team had a player foul out during the second half when they reached seven penalties and were ejected for the remainder of the game. The Scarlet Vendettas clawed back some ground with some power jams of their own and the Libertines down to eight players, but at the final whistle the Libertines were still ahead, winning with 221 points to 173. The next BRDL game will see the Libertines take on the Gold Diggers on Sunday 21 June at Doug Dean Stadium, Nandiriog Drive, Delacombe. Doors at 2:30pm for a 3pm start. Entry will be free.


Team                  P   W   L   %   Pts

Libertines            2   2   0   189  4

Gold Diggers        2   1   1     68  2

Scarlet Vendettas 2   0   2     78  0