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Rush defeated but pleased coach

Rangers, Amanda Minkin, battling it out with Rush Eliza Roughead.

BALLARAT Rush Head Coach Peter Cunningham said of Saturday’s defeat by Dandenong that while the end result was disappointing, the way they went about the game was significant.

“We have been struggling but I thought they (Rush) played some really good basketball for long periods, just not long enough against a very good side,” he said.

Abigail Wehrung takes a rebound.
Abigail Wehrung takes a

“We looked a little lazy and made some sloppy decisions, three of our key players had three fouls at half time and then they gained momentum and we just haven’t got the depth and talent to stop that.” With the next game looming, in Hobart, Cunningham said that he needed to get the younger players with some games under their belt. “How else can the kids get better unless they are out there? We can train as much as we like but they need to be out there so that’s what we did probably to our detriment by the end result, but hopefully for a better longer term result,” he said. “We’ve had disjointed training due to work and other things and our assistant coach had to join in Thursday night – we had six girls in our 18s playing in Youth League this week, we had a couple of girls out with injury, girls with work – it’s no excuse for our decision making and stuff like that but we played against a quality team two and a half quarters.” There may have been a loss at the end of the night but Cunningham said he was pleased that his team had stuck together.

“Their body language was a lot better, which has been poor, so they were positive all game, talking to each other and trying to work with each other and as positive as you can be with a loss at the end,” he said. “Our defense has not been up to scratch all year but I was a bit disconcerted they (Dandenong) had 23 foul shots to our eight and we had 16 fouls to their 11 and at half time it was worse than that and I’m not quite sure what we are doing wrong. “That’s all I ask umpires at the end is to have a look at those two stats and explain why there is such a discrepancy.”