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Save Our Station Still Fighting


A signboard has gone up at the Ballarat Station advising that a section of the precinct will be fenced off by the site developers on Saturday 18th November 2017.

The area is considerable and will reduce the car parking numbers currently available to the public.

The duration of this part of the precinct being a construction site is not known.

Save Our Station SOS Ballarat spokesperson, John Barnes said, “With the commencement of works, the Andrews’ government is digging itself into an electoral hole that will cost it many tens of millions of dollars to fill if they expect to hold onto the seats of Wendouree and Buninyong in next year’s election.

“The builder’s fences on site will be a daily reminder to commuters that the next four years of construction pain will provide less car parks, no end to the bus chaos, and completely ignores access-for-all between platforms in the Train Hall.

“When the government reluctantly finds the money and resolve to address the transport and access needs of the site, as they must inevitably do the additional disruptions to commuters and nearby residents from these works will double their pain.

“Without a clear and comprehensive transport plan for Ballarat Station, the people of Ballarat have no assurance -whatsoeverthat the end result will have been worth the disruption and their taxpayer dollars. What they can count on though, is that Dan Andrews is making a thorough dog’s breakfast of the Ballarat Station precinct. The people of Ballarat deserve better. ‘This is just the beginning. The Station site will be a cause for heartache and community anguish for at least the next two state elections. The damage done by this misguided project to Ballarat’s key transport hub, vital for Ballarat’s future growth, will reverberate for decades to come. From a heritage viewpoint, it will be looked back upon as greater vandalism than the Commonwealth Bank and the removal of Ballarat’s verandahs in the 1960’s.”