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Seat ends installed at Her Majesty’s Theatre

City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh is thrilled with the renovation works that have been taking place at Her Majesty’s. The latest completion is the seat ends.

FOLLOWING on from the recent upgrade to seating and flooring in the auditorium of Her Majesty’s Theatre, newly designed cast metal seat ends have begun to be installed in the Theatre Auditorium last week. The design incorporates; The lyric curve of the balconies leading to the stage and the lyre motif seen in the Her Majesty’s Theatre logo, in turn referencing the lyre atop the façade, a part of the original 1875 design for The Academy of Music by George ‘Diamond’ Brown and reinstated as part of the 1989/90 restoration; The inclusion of raised decoration draws on existing decorative elements within the auditorium including plaster wall plaques, capitals to cast iron pillars, lighting sconce decoration, proscenium arch and carpet; The overall design complements and enhances

the overall aesthetic of the modern-day furniture within the atmosphere of this historic Victorian Theatre. The design of the proposed cast end has been created by local Ballarat area artists and pattern maker Andrew Borg from AB3DDesigns with the final casting undertaken by a local Ballarat foundry Hasco Foundry. City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh said this project had been funded through the last Council budget.

“The goal was to reseat the theatre with new chairs, to refit the old hydronic foot warmers – these were second hand when Her Majesty’s first received them, we wanted to refit those back into the theatre to keep as much of the history and respect for the past, as we possibly could,” she said.

“So the colour of the seating is reflective of the old and the carpets we had woven, with the logo of Her Majesty’s in it and the seat ends reflect the lights.” The old brass plaques on the back of the seats have also been replaced. “These are a reflection of previous financial contributors to the theatre and we will continue on with this particular project as well, to do a bit more fundraising as well.” Cr McIntosh added.