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SHEILAs Reclaimed Inspirational Lady Artists


By Fiona Watson

Strong, Honest, Exceptional, Inspirational Lady ArtistS

House prices may well be on the rise in the Soldiers Hill area as Strong, Honest, Exceptional, Inspirational Lady ArtistS will be wanting to move to this creative neighbourhood of Ballarat. Another innovative exhibition is about to be launched, this time by women predominantly living in the area.

The inaugural exhibition of the SHEILAs (Soldiers Hill Exhibition of Inspirational Lady Artists) is an exciting range of work from women artists who have reclaimed the old Aussie name for women “sheilas” that describes an earthiness, regrowth and vitality about the works on show. SHEILAs Reclaimed has given new, emerging and established women artists a focus to develop their art and an ability to draw strength, purpose and inspiration from each other. Established artist Lynne Makings, one of the women exhibiting,said that women sometimes are reluctant to promote what they do well as individuals, but together have found encouragement and support and are far less reticent!

“Coming together to create different works of art has been a really joyous pursuit and we are looking forward to publically sharing our works in a supportive environment.” Art practice is often a solitary occupation but the group of 25 women artists has come together to share their works of art in a publically in Fairbanks Eye Gallery. Some of the artists have never exhibited before. This alone is courageous, but together they have found a supportive community that nurtures, shares, gathers and strengthens the creative environment.

Lynne said that there would be an eclectic range of paintings, photographs, printmaking, découpage, sculptures, textiles, weaving, tapestry weaving and mixed media.“And while we are celebrating the works of these women artists we are also offering a window into the wealth of creativity that is waiting to emerge from behind al those doors in our neighbourhood. It just takes the first step to begin the journey.”

SHEILAs Reclaimed opens on Friday 30 June