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Skipton Netball last years Premiers cruising

Sophie Pattison all bandaged up but wins the ball for Skipton.

AFTER last year’s grand final win Skipton A Grade netballers are quietly confident that they can make it two in a row. On Saturday the side took another step closer, defeating Gordon by 21 goals.

Coach Stacey Rea said it has been a tough year with players in and out of the side but their third place on the ladder speaks for the type of team they are under tough circumstances. “Definitely we are getting there, we have just had two players come back from holidays, so it was nice to get them on court today,” Rea said.

“But we also had the girls who have been doing the job for us since they’ve been away and gave everyone a fair run today. “We know finals are coming upon us so we want to give everyone court time and share it around because you never know what can happen coming into finals.” Eliza Dwyer is still dominating the court and played a good game on Saturday.

“Obviously we rested her in the last bit of the game to give the other girls a bit of opportunity but definitely from last year to this year she has taken another step forward,” Rea said. “Just her body and positioning for us to feed just makes it so easy, so she is definitely a dominating player in the competition.” With Learmonth undefeated for the season, the pressure has not been as great for the teams lower down the ladder and Skipton is still not seen as a threat. “We have had three losses, early to Dunnstown, which was a bit of a reality check for us, we needed that,” Rea said.

“Learmonth is definitely the one to chase this year but I think with our experience in the final campaign last year for these girls could be an advantage and I think a lot has to do with how your mind is at the time. “Finals is a different ball game to just playing during the season. “Anything can happen during the season but when it comes to the crunch you just have to be there. I’d say we are strong contenders, just as long as we bring it when it’s needed.”

With most teams focusing on Learmonth Skipton has just been cruising along, the quiet achievers. “Like I said, we have had a very unsettled team all year – players in and out, so now its crunch time and next week we will have a full team for the first time,” Rea added.