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Skipton netballers on a mission

Skipton netball playing Coach Rhiann Moresi gets to the ball first in last weeks game against Creswick, where the contest was one sided, Skipton’s way.

AFTER Round 7 Skipton A Grade netball side is undefeated. First year playing Coach Rhiann Moresi said the win against Creswick on Saturday was a boost for the team but they took each game on its merits. “We won the grand final two seasons ago, (last season) got knocked out in the preliminary and ended up finishing third,” Rhiann said. “It was bad luck and I think it was finals are just a different game so unfortunately we just weren’t good enough in the finals.” Rhiann was approached last year to gauge her interest in the coaching position after it was left vacant by Stacey Rea who was expecting a baby.

“If it wasn’t the Skipton Club I wouldn’t be coaching because everyone is so easy to get along with, it’s very young, we have a very young team this year,” she said.

It may be a young team but it is also a very strong team. Always a good player there has been a vast improvement in goal shooter, Eliza Dwyer, and it is showing on the scorecard.

“Eliza is more agile this year, moving a lot more, her fitness this year and I think all our fitness is what is making us this year,” Rhiann said. “You see a lot of girls of her height hold on, they hold on to the post, but Eliza is a lot more in front, she is moving forward, a lot more movement in the goal ring from her this year.

“I think our main strength is our fitness and our ability to read each other, our awareness down the court is probably the next level kind of stuff.”

The team had a hard pre-season and train twice a week.

“ I think it’s just knowing each other’s strengths, knowing where the other is moving and combined with fitness makes our game move a lot faster,” Rhiann said.

The score of 84 -28 is a big gap and Rhiann said it is hard to maintain the intensity for a full four quarters when the score is like that. “But I think it’s important to set a benchmark in the first quarter and then try to maintain that for each of the four quarters,” she said.