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Small Cricket club donates big to BRICC

VRI Delacombe Cricket Club donates large cheque for Cancer: Member Max Hammond, Steve Medwell Director of BRICC, players James Westbrook and Chris McKenzie, handing over of cheque last week.

LAST week VRI Delacombe Cricket Club presented BRICC (Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre) with a cheque for $5,000. James Westbrook from the cricket club said the funds came from a Ball held by the club, with the primary beneficiary being BRICC.

“We had about 125 people there, we had auctions through the night, which were all donated,” he said. Most of the auction items were sporting memorabilia but also things like photo frames.

“We chose BRICC for a number of reasons, there was no shortage of organisations we could have chosen, but BRICC was something that we thought, as a club, really touched people, especially in the Ballarat area, and also we had a period there last year when we got broken into, a pretty low point, and it was a person who was going under the care of BRICC that donated a substantial amount of money to the club and got us back on our feet,” Mr Westbrook said.

BRICC Director Steven Medwell said it was an amazing amount for a small club to donate. “It’s fantastic, this is a huge cheque from a community cricket club and I think what that shows is a real interest and a real sense of community that we are seeing,” he said.

“The important thing about this is this money can do some real good, buy a piece of equipment that otherwise was unfunded, or it can fund programs that aren’t funded, so the way I look at it is that we get a dual benefit.

“We were able to show the people who were raising the money this is the outcome, the impact of what you have done, so for me this is really important in the public cancer centre that we can demonstrate the terrific benefactors here from VRI Delacombe Cricket Club, that their efforts are very well appreciated. “It astounds me how a small club and supporters of a small club can generate this kind of money.”