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Smythesdale Fire Brigade National Medal Presentations

CFA Deputy Chief Officer Gregg Paterson, Ian Parsons, Noel Berlund, Christopher Reeve, Louise Carey, Greg Parker, Colin Jones, Nathan Jolly, Nigel Howlett, Jeffrey Carey, Operations Officer Gavin Hope, Alwyn Parker, Wayne Bourke, Reid Macgill, Douglas Richard, Tony Zulundzic.

ON Sunday the Smythesdale Fire Brigade held their National Medal Presentations.

The Smythesdale Fire Brigade, a volunteer brigade, has 81 members of which 53 are operational firefighters, 28 are brigade support members and there are 3 probationary members and 8 junior members.

On average the brigade responds to about 100 incidents per year and regularly supports adjoining brigades and when requested they travel across Victoria to provide additional support at large scale incidents.

The brigade has also travelled interstate to provide support for New South Wales campaign fires.

On Sunday the following medals were awarded:

National Medal (For diligent service for a period of 15 years) – Louise Carey, Nigel Howlett, Nathan Jolly, Colin Jones, Tony Zulundzic, Reid Macgill, Greg Parker, Christopher Reeve and David Thompson.

National Medal and 1st Clasp (members who have been awarded the National Medal in recognition of 15 years diligent service may be eligible for recognition of each additional 10 year period of diligent service) – Jeffrey Carey and Ian Parsons.

National Medal with 1st & 2nd Clasps – Noel Berlund, Garry Morgan and Wayne Bourke.

National Medal with 1st, 2nd & 3rd Clasps – Alwyn Parker and Douglas Richard.

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