IT has been 17 years since Ballarat’s Royal South Street Society (RSSS) introduced a new performing arts discipline. In their 125th year of pure performance gold RSSS is proud to announce Mi Sound (pronounced My Sound…The ‘Mi’ represents Music Industry). The Mi Sound competition differs from the traditional South Street music performance sections that focus on the technical mastery of the instrument and musicianship. The publicised judging criteria of Mi Sound will focus on Music Industry Skills, such as the creativity and individuality of performance, audience engagement and stage presentation. The Music Industry judges will award many prizes to recognise performances. For the first time in RSSS history, audiences will vote via Twitter on which performance was the most entertaining.

Another first is that performances will be held in the Element Nightclub and The Lounge area at The Miners Tavern.

This live venue site caters for all styles of music from heavy metal to soft blues. Lighting and stage effects will add to the professional presentation and atmosphere. Music Industry Experts will be in attendance during the sessions and offer tips on how to succeed in the industry.

Performances will be for up to 20 minutes in a live nightclub environment as a soloist/group from Monday September 5 to Thursday September 8, 2016. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions will be available.

Any combination of instruments and student age groups are welcome. Any style of music is encouraged including all genres of metal, rock, jazz, pop, screamo etc. and original works.

The sound and lighting will be operated by VCE-VET Technical Production students. Music Industry professionals will give written feedback and recorded commentary about performances. Their comments will focus on creativity and individuality of performance, audience engagement as well as stage presentation.

Over ten prizes will be awarded by the judges. This includes a day of recording at Salt Studios in East Brighton, Melbourne and cash prizes. Total value is over $1600.

Oxygen College is offering a free Music Industry Information day for Mi Sound competitors. It will be held in Geelong at Oxygen College during the September holidays. There will be a generic Music Industry Workshop in the morning which will include information on how to get into the Music Industry, and then smaller groups will be formed to participate in selected workshops which may include song writing, recording, live performance and music business.