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Springbank Roar

The Mighty Springbank Tigers Premiership 2015.

AFTER just one year of coaching Springbank, senior coach Terry Simpson is moving on, even a premiership win against Gordon could not keep him at the helm for season 2016. After the game the 46-year-old said it was a ‘big relief’. “The game was played pretty physical and it was a quick game all day but the boys stuck to their structure,” Simpson said. “They played really well, played their hearts out.” Simpson had his tall players spread around the ground and it worked with Searle marking everything that came by him. Paul McMahon was down a little on form, by his standards, after being out of the game with injury for around 8 weeks but his presence and ability to lead made a difference to the players on the ground. “We had a lot of good players. Our tackling all day was fantastic and I think our stats in our tackles were way up on what they normally are, which shows everyone was doing their bit,” Simpson said. “It probably wasn’t the prettiest game, but I just thought they really toughed it out,, it just showed how much they really wanted it.” He added that he started to feel confident (of a win) after the first goal in the last quarter. “I thought it would have been tough for them to turn it around, they hadn’t kicked a lot of goals all day and I was pretty confident in that last quarter,” he said.

“To Gordon’s credit, they were always going to be tough, but I think probably finishing on top certainly helped,” he said. “I reckon they looked a little bit tired towards the end, where as I felt we were still a bit fresher, which probably helped with that extra day’s rest.” Simpson added that he would like to think that this year’s players would remain at Springbank next year.

“It’s such a good club, the social side of it, just the people around, makes it a fantastic club,” he said. After the match Gordon Coach Corey Grills said it was playing ‘not very good footy’ that lost the game on Saturday. Lading up the grand final Gordon had played some great football but could not hold it together when it counted. “I think it was skill errors. They were much classier than us and they just utilised the ball. We got our hands on the ball, we just didn’t use it,” Grills said. “As a whole group, this experience is enormous for us and our development.” Grills, 30, will not be seeking a coaching position in 2016 but would like to stay on a player. During his three years as coach at Gordon, the Eagles made the finals every season but he states that he wants to spend more time with his young family and will not be seeking reappointment.