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The ABC’s on-line Fact Check reads:Treasurer, Joe Hockey, says that…


The ABC’s on-line Fact Check reads:Treasurer, Joe Hockey, says that Treasury documents show “that electricity prices have come down $550 per household as a result of us abolishing the carbon tax”. The verdict: The documents, dated up to February 2015, contain predictions that household savings not electricity savings will be $550 over 2014-15. The ACCC’s most recent estimates for annual savings on electricity bills which are based on the actual savings passed on by companies to consumers range between $100 and $200 depending on which state or territory the household is located. Mr Hockey’s claim is wrong.

The series of documents, to which he was referring, were released under Freedom of Information, and published by Treasury on July 17, 10 days before Mr Hockey made his incorrect claim.

Lynne Chester, an expert in political economy and energy from the University of Sydney, told Fact Check the FOI documents do not support the Treasurer’s claim.

She said it appeared Mr Hockey had confused falls in electricity costs estimated to fall by $200 a year in 201415 with savings to whole household costs, which include electricity, gas, food, transport and other costs. And I thought he was the treasurer. If he, with the vast resources at his disposal, can’t get it right, what chance do we have?

It seems to me, the time has come to start paying attention, and making known our displeasure when politicians knowingly provide us with fallacious information. Like Senator Xenophon, I am coming to the realisation they truly believe we are, all of us, stupid, and believe everything we are told.

I sent Senator Abetz an email, which read:

Senator Abetz:

No-one should complain about those holding a portfolio travelling business class; backbenchers et al should travel economy; however, if a politician is travelling with his family, then they should all travel economy. I object, strongly, to children travelling in business class! That is an outrageous abuse of the tax payers’ funds.

Your comments about fly-in and fly-out workers is spurious at best.

I am careful not to demonise politicians, but no-one forces you to pursue a political career, and you do, at the end of a lengthy career, retire with a most generous pension/ superannuation payment. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Continued success

Roland Rocchiccioli.

As you can imagine, there was no reply. A deafening silence. I suspect, had I said the good Senator was correct in his statements there would have been a ‘thank you for the support’ response. The hubris of some politicians is truly overwhelming. Their addiction to privilege is something which needs to be addressed in both the long and short term. The reality is, we are, none of us, important, in the scheme of things. The Queen is dead. Long live The King. Some politicians need to remember that.

Conversely, politicians should not live their lives under siege, which, it seems to me, happens too often for good, hard-working members of parliament. It is too easy to drop ash from a great height; to criticise and mock everything which is being done. I know, for personal experience, it is not an easy job, and pleasing everyone is impossible. If we continue to make their lives impossibly grim for no real reason, we will never attract the right kind of people to stand for election. In recent times, we have seen a plethora of new politicians who are there with an agenda; those whose determined to force their extreme and narrow views on the rest of us. More and more we are seeing religion creeping into the politics of a secular state. The separation of church and state is imperative. Scott Morrison is a member of the Pentecostal church a movement of charismatic Christian churches with a focus on rock music, divine healing, and speaking in tongues. A politician can believe what he likes but it must not be allowed to influence any decision making which affects the larger community.

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Forty-years after the prime minister, Gough Whitlam, travelled to Wave Hill to hand back land to traditional owners, Indigenous elders gathered at the site to commemorate what has become one of the most iconic occasions in the land rights movement.

On August 16th, the elders held a small ceremony with speeches, songs, and traditional dancing in the Northern Territory community of Daguragu, about 750-kilometres south of Darwin.I may be wrong, but I scoured the photographs and there did not appear to be a politician in sight. Perhaps they did not think it would be a good enough photo-op! You can bet your bottom dollar, if it had been some celebration for B A Santamaria, or Cardinal Mannix, some of our politicians would not have been able to resists the celebration. They would have been there, waving their rosaries in perpetual memory. Makes you wonder if we are really serious about reconciliation?