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The Alice Network


“… not even two months ago, I’d gotten off the train in the inky dark, with my photograph of Rose and my impossible hope. Evelyn Gardiner had just been a name on a piece of paper. I hadn’t known Eve or Finn or Rene Bordelon I hadn’t even known myself.”

And thereby hangs a tale a tale of love, of commitment, of loyalty and of betrayal. This “Alice Network” is really something, simply the best, edge-of-the-seat read I have had in months. The story involves two women, Eve, during the first World War, and Charlotte (Charlie) just after the second World War. Their very disparate paths cross, as Charlie sets out on her seemingly insane journey to France, to find her beloved cousin, Rose. What could possibly link these two? It transpires, through alternate chapters, that Eve and Rose had both known the infamous collaborator, Rene Bordelon. He is as evil, and as cruel, as any man could be, despite his handsome, immaculate appearance, and his up-market restaurants. Finn, a Scot and an ex-convict, is Eve’s driver, but the car, a beloved Lagonda that had seen better days, was his. He is attracted to the young, pregnant Charlie from the first time he set eyes on her, and it is often his sound Scottish common sense which brings her to her senses. Based on fact, Kate Quinn seamlessly marries the fact with the fiction, to create a stunning novel, which will grip the reader’s attention from its beginning to its explosive ending. Very much commended for the reader who enjoys adventure, espionage and love, together with good characterisation and fine prose.


PUBLISHED by HARPER COLLINS for a recommended $29.99

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