Home Sport The all conquering Learmonth defeated Skipton 2014 Premiers

The all conquering Learmonth defeated Skipton 2014 Premiers

In front for Beaufort Centre Lorrae Closter.

WITH only one loss this season, the Springbank girls showed no mercy as they lined up againstn Gordon on Saturday and pulled away to win by 40 goals at the final whistle.

Springbank coach Cynna Kydd named goal shooter Casey Johnstone as the best player in Saturday’s game. “She had a good consistent week and she shot well today,” Kydd said. “We had a good win but I felt we could have pushed a little more. We took our foot off in places, which is a bit disappointing but I would say we had a good three quarter game but there was a five minutes nearly of every quarter that we stepped off and lost focus, something to work on.”

Kydd added that she definitely feels Springbank is not yet peaking, especially after their loss to Learmonth. “ I think what we have learnt over the three years I’ve been in this league is that you want to peak at finals, so that’s what we are aiming for, to peak that first week of finals and continue on through,” she said.

There is no shame in losing to Learmonth who are undefeated this season.

“We were just beaten by a better side on the day and I think we didn’t play that well but you can’t use that excuse, so they are definitely the team to beat.”

Leanne Birkett is Springbank’s only injury and otherwise they are running well, according to Kydd.

“We are knuckling down at training and I’m really focusing on tightening our game up and getting it working,” she said.

“Our new recruits are going really well, Roisin Fradd is one of our defenders and doing really well, the girls from Ballan have come across really nicely and fitting in well, obviously it’s just that communication that takes a little time and getting used to each other but coming along nicely.

“It’s really promising we have a few seventeen year olds coming up, so that’s always nice.”