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The Coffin


Looming large as a character in this latest thriller from Peter May are the Outer Hebrides. Without their rugged beauty, and their dangers, this racy narrative would lack a great deal. As it is it delivers in spades!

“Nothing, absolutely nothing, since I found myself washed up, unconscious, ….. has made sense. My MEMORY loss. My failure to find a single clue to my identity, beyond my name, even my own home. My affair with Sally. The book on the Flaninan Isles mystery that I am not writing. Beehives on the coffin road. My missing boat. Now someone trying to kill me. And someone else stepping in to save me. The weight of it all is nearly crushing.” The entranced reader follows all this, becoming more and more enmeshed in the intrigue. There must be answers to all these problems, but where the hell are they? Suddenly May introduces another line, and the reader just knows that they will intersect at some stage, but when and why and how still remain a puzzlement. Thrillers, these days are often predictable, but there is nothing predictable about Coffin Road. The author gives credit to the scientists who helped him in his research, because there is a true situation at the heart of all of this, which is concerned with the collapse of bee colonies around the globe. Any misgivings which the reader might have about the outrageous events on the Isle of Harris can be discarded, there is a grim truth in it all, which only serves to make the book more memorable. A couple of years ago, Peter May was awarded the Crime Thriller Book Club Best Read of the Year Award a fact which comes as no surprise after devouring this latest novel. He gave up journalism, to take up writing for television, and then gave that up to concentrate on his first love, writing novels. We can be thankful that he did, because this involving yarn could easily take out that award again. A page turning book about loss of memory and the slow recovery of it for the main character with its dire consequences is one to keep the midnight oil burning until the very last wonderful page. If you are the person who reads only one thriller a year, make sure it is COFFIN ROAD.



QUERCUS for a recommended $29.99

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