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The Crown


Have you had the joy of watching The Crown on television? The story of the House of Windsor? If you have, you will certainly want to read this “inside history” it is utterly fascinating, whether you are a Royalist or not.

Casting the actors to play the leading roles must have been a nightmare, as the subjects (in the main) are still living, and are amongst the best known people in the world. A taste of how cleverly this was done is on the dust jacket.

Juxtaposed a portrait of the actress as Elizabeth 11, with the Queen’s profile in the background on the front, with at the back the actress is in the background and the Queen in the foreground. The family tree is given before the text begins, so it is easy to follow all the generations, or to check as you read so that you know you are concentrating on the right person.

There is another bonus.

Flick through looking at the illustrations, and try to match the actor to the real person, it’s great fun.

If you have forgotten just how pretty the Queen, and Princess Margaret were in their youth, this will delight you. Naturally if you have seen the television series, you will enjoy this book more, but even if you have not, you will discover much to inform you and entertain you in this very handsome volume.

THE CROWN by ROBERT LACEY PUBLISHED by ALLEN & UNWIN for a recommended $39.99