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The Foreigner


Starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan This excellent film marks a new direction for Jackie Chan who actually gets a chance to show off emotion and acting qualities we rarely see from the martial arts icon, and it is a terrific change.

Perfectly matched against Pierce Brosnan would appear to be an inspired choice, as well.

This is no Asian kung fu adventure and at his age he looks so much more believable in this thriller.

Chan plays Quan, a Chinese restaurant owner whose wife and two daughters were killed years earlier while escaping Cambodia.

He managed to save one daughter but, as luck would have it, she gets blown up in London by a rogue IRA group in front of her stricken father’s eyes.

Quan understandably demands to know who did it.

Less commonly, he shows up in Northern Ireland, where he quietly hounds high explosives ex–IRA soldier turned mainstream politician Liam Hennessy (Pierce Brosnan).

The problem is that Hennessy doesn’t know who’s behind the terrorist acts either.

He wants them out of the picture every bit as much as Quan does.

Jackie Chan is totally believable as the broken man with a darker past than his kindly exterior hints at, and even at 63, he can still make you believe when he’s going to town on someone they will really pay.

Initially Hennessy isn’t in any hurry to give the information Quan needs as he sees him as this elderly man.

However things escalate when Quan quickly goes from politely requesting the names of the perpetrators to a program of violent harassment of Hennessy and his cohorts, with an increasingly complicated array of traps and homemade devices.

The best scene is a huge confrontation between Hennessy and Quan, but there are many other highlights as well in the most unusual Jackie Chan movie.

“Foreigner” is a movie about IRA terrorism and a man who has lost everything looking for revenge.

Rated MA 15plus 8 out of 10