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The expression “getting away with murder” is often used, when this is certainly not the intention. In Elle Croft’s debut novel this is most certainly the intention. And it works. Surprisingly well. Elle Croft is a name to remember if her future novels are up to this standard.

There are so many elements here, but perhaps in a nutshell, this quote will give the reader what to expect.

“The man I’d been so dedicated to, the man who had rejected me, was having an affair …. with the wife of the only man I had truly loved since Calum”. Bethany, the guilty wife of the title, finds herself in love with two men at the same time, and really does not know what to do about it. She knows her husband is the kindest man she has ever met, but she also knows that her lover is the most exciting man she will ever meet. The situation is explosive, especially as her lover is so famous. His murder is splashed across the world’s media. Bethany is charged with his murder, but vehemently claims her innocence. The evidence seems overwhelming. Guilty of adultery, but of murder? Surely not? You will have to read this tale of THE GUILTY WIFE to discover the truth, and the truth will shock you, while at the same time delight you, because it is so crisp and sure., and strangely credible.

THE GUILTY WIFE by ELLE CROFT PUBLISHED by ORION for a recommended $24.99

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